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Storm Damage Testimonials

A 5 star rating under represents how amazing this company and it's workers, specifically Travis are.  Following a heavy rain, hundreds of basements in our town flooded.  Every water removal company was booked and no one was taking calls (if you've had a crisis like this, you know how scary and frustrating it is to feel like no one is around to help).

I called SERVPRO of SW Waukesha County and even though they had over 100 estimates requested that day alone, someone answered immediately and talked me through the entire process.  That was Travis.  Travis took time to talk me through what to do, what to expect, and even who to call.  He gave me a personal phone number and told me to call him with any questions.  We eventually went with a different mitigation company because SERVPRO had so many requests and when I called Travis to let him know we went elsewhere, he wasn't upset and didn't try to convince us to go with SERVPRO.  Instead, he talked me through what the mitigation person would do, what it should cost, and how long it would take.  Even though he wasn't getting paid, he generously acted as a consultant so my wife and I got our basement repaired for a fair price.

SERVPRO, and Travis specifically, are a rare company where they actually care about the people who come to them more than the bottom line.  I could not recommend them more.

RECONSTRUCTION:  The greatest value in hiring SERVPRO was to immediately have access to experienced, professional contractors at a time in our lives when it would have been very challenging to pull it together ourselves.

All SERVPRO Employees

Thank you again for everything.  It is very appreciated from all of you.  You are all great people and a wonderful company!!

No one is perfect, but you came close.  Thank you

The technicians are knowledgeable and professional, but also friendly.
From the first initial call to the office and until the issues were all taken care of, we were told what to expect, and that gave us a piece of mind that these are right people for the job.
Couldn't be happier with the way SERVPRO took care of things

During the storm our power went out and our sump pump failed and lots of water came in.  We called SERVPRO to help.  The have a friendly staff and they kept me informed.  I was surprised on how fast they arrived to my home.

During a storm earlier this summer, we contacted many restoration companies but no one was willing to help.  I called SERVPRO and they came out the same day.  The person who came was very knowledgeable and pointed out a concern of possible asbestos.  This item was tested and it came back positive.  SERVPRO was easy to work with and were able to schedule the removal quickly.  I had no idea what to expect as far as cost, but they came in under what I thought it might be. I would definitely recommend them to others.

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We had a flood in our basement due to a power loss and SERVPRO came out and set up several fans and dehumidifiers. Our basement dried up very quickly. They came and checked the moisture levels regularly until everything was properly dried. I would recommend SERVPRO to everyone.

A huge thank you! You all went beyond the call here. Many thanks to you all!

SERVPRO of Southwest Waukesha crew did excellent work, I am very happy with the job done! So happy we used SERVPRO - no issues.